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what businesses are saying about fotf

Stay + Play Local helps small businesses!

Check out what some local businesses have said about working with S+PL!

Do you own a small business in the Tri-Cities and want to learn more about partnering with S+PL? 
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"Families on the Fox makes the clients priorities THEIR priorities, listening and offers unbiased solutions because they truly understand the challenges and issues facing small businesses.

Due to our partnership with Families on the Fox, our business has benefited significantly as we have heard from many customers say they heard about us through the website. Our sales, brand awareness, and business partnerships have expanded and grown in large part from FOTF. That is a true testament to the value of Chrissy and FOTF!"


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Families on the Fox is a game changer for small business.  What Chrissy has created is invaluable to small business owners and the families of the Tri-City area.  Social media has become, and will continue to be, such an influence to all businesses.  I have had customers come in and tell me they've seen Families on the Fox's post and thought they should check us out. 


Families on the Fox has quickly become THE GO-TO SITE to check out ALL THINGS Tri-Cities because of the effort and time Chrissy puts into reviewing and giving honest feedback about businesses.  The Tri-City audience values her opinion and waits to see what she does next.  

I am so glad that our paths crossed when we first opened our store as FOTF has helped catapult my business in Batavia, and for that I am extremely thankful."



"Families on the Fox is a great tool for not only residents of the Tri-Cities, but businesses as well. 


Chrissy is so professional and great to work with, and she has so much passion and excitement for promoting area businesses! She has poured her heart and soul into FOTF. She has helped me come up with some great ideas on how to promote my business and she does all the work - I have the easy part! 

We have gained a number of new customers from participating in her promotions, giveaways, and events. FOTF is exactly what our community needed!"



We love the support Families on the Fox gives to Geneva Public Library. Getting the word out is always a challenge, and then FOTF stepped up to fill the void.


With FOTF, we also have a local resource to share with our community, where they can support local businesses and organizations. And, we're so happy to be included so our community can learn more about what public libraries do and offer.

We believe in supporting local businesses and FOTF does it in a way that makes the community collectively take action and support these businesses and organizations.


FOTF is the only stop for shopping, dining, entertainment and so much more in the Tri-Cities!”



“As a small business we understand the need to have a presence on social media and Families on the Fox is giving us the opportunity to enhance that presence. We are very pleased with the results; the foot traffic we have received has significantly increased!  Families on the Fox is a wonderful resource [that] truly cares about all of the people they reach and the businesses they promote.”



“Chrissy hosted a Winesday Wednesday Ladies Night event at my shop and she did an outstanding job. It was without question the most organized event we ever had. All of the 150 Tri-City-area Moms (that were able to get a ticket before they sold out in 48 hours) were really excited for this event. 


This event was great for FOTF, but even better for us!  It brought in so many new customers  who had never been in the shop before, so we gained a lot of exposure through this partnership! We sold four new club memberships and have seen numerous Winesday Wednesday attendees return regularly since the event. 


Lastly, this event gave back to the community with donations to Cal’s Angels. We like to support our community and felt Chrissy’s event hit every "touch point" for success (for both her business, our business, and local charities)!



"I love the exposure to families, businesses, and other entrepreneurial people through Families on the Fox.  Chrissy is not only a delight to work with, but she is a real supporter of my product.  There is something very rewarding advertising with Families on the Fox, and know that they are doing all they can to promote my book.  

As an author, my goal is to get my book in front of as many people, businesses, and families as possible.  The traffic Families on the Fox brings, the new and familiar faces that visit my advertised events, and the passion behind the promoting of my book with people who believe in it, is a recipe for success!  As a small business owner, I am excited to continue to see all the benefits of working with Families on the Fox, as their company, and mine, grows!"



“Chrissy was a joy to work with, very positive and helpful. We feel that our partnership with Families on the Fox gave our social media a big boost and raised our numbers significantly

The Families on the Fox website has given much value to business owners, restaurants, and residents in the Tri-Cities. Chrissy even took the extra time to help us improve our Facebook and Instagram accounts with a one-on-one tutorial on how to receive more followers through hashtag usage and other important social media factors at no extra cost. It was great working with Chrissy because she genuinely cares about our success!"

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