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Dating in St. Charles | DRINKS + APPS

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

moto imōto + Eden on the River + Flagship on the Fox

Travel to these THREE restaurants in any order, but you MUST do the following at EACH restaurant:

  • Get ONE DRINK EACH (make it even more exciting by ordering for each other.. or better yet: have the bartender or server choose two drinks that are house specialties)

  • Get an appetizer/small plate to SHARE

Remember, this is your opportunity to try a cocktail exclusive to that restaurant or food that you would normally stay away from. Try something new and live a little! You’d be surprised at how many new things you would actually like if you would simply #ExploreMore.

If you try out this date, be sure to tag @StayAndPlay.TriCities in your adventures on social media!

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